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Should You Invest in the Facebook IPO or Go To Vegas?

16 May

Tons of people that aren’t usually interested in investing are clamoring for the Facebook IPO. Should you buy shares once it starts trading? Here are my thoughts.


MoneyMonday – Engineering Your Income

31 Mar

Looking to make a high salary?You would be smart to study STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Math). Here’s info on the highest earning majors and why you should pursue them, with an assist from Davita Colclough from the National Society of Black Engineers.


MoneyMonday – Jeremy Lin Saves the Stock Market + Buy an iPad for $11!

21 Feb

Can Linsanity even affect the stock market?

Can you buy an iPad for $11?

Find out in this Presdient’s Day edition of MoneyMonday

Movers & Shakers Happy Hour

14 Feb

Join me at the next Movers & Shakers Happy Hour!

Have you ever wished that you could take a successful entrepreneur out for drinks so that you could pick their brain a bit?

Here’s your chance!  Join me at the next Movers & Shakers Happy Hour at The Wine Loft in the Southside Works and meet Lynsie Camuso and Joshua Dziabiak, the founders of ShowClix, a fast-growing online ticketing website, based in Shadyside, looking to challenge established industry players like Ticketmaster.

Pre-register HERE and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to The Wine Loft!

My Favorite Financial Things 2010

29 Dec

Oprah has her list, so why can’t I have mine?  Here’s the list of my favorite financial things for 2010.

Techie and Cash

6 Dec

Yes, I use to be an engineer, but no I never used a pocket protector.  I did, however, develop a love for all-things-tech, especially for things that could save time and money.  Here are links to a few of the great sites mentioned in this segment:

Software: Mint, Quicken

Investing: Fidelity, etrade

Mobile Apps: Daily Finance, PageOnce

Social Lending: Lending Club, Prosper, Virgin Money