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MoneyMonday – Why Should Olympians Have All the Fun?

8 Aug

All eyes, and tweets, are on the Summer Olympics in London. Sure, if you could win one of those “gold” medals over there, that would be sweet. But what if your talents include things other than running fast or jumping high?

There are many other ways to be just as successful as those top athletes. Here are tips on how to “go for the gold” in your own field of endeavor.

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MoneyMonday: JP Morgan Chase Loses More Money Than Terrell Owens

14 May

Lots of financial tomfoolery last week in money:

JP Morgan Chase makes a $2 Billion trading blunder

Mother of Terrell Owens’ child received $1 million in child support, still wants more money, appears on Dr. Phil show.

Yahoo CEO fired for lying on his resume.

What is the world is wrong with these people? Find out in this week’s Money Monday.

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March Money Madness in the Pittsburgh Business Times!

26 Feb

March Money Madness in the Pittsburgh Business Times!

Check out this great article from the PBT on how firms are putting March Madness to work for them.  They included a lot of info on my March Money Madness Bracket Challenge…and a great picture if I do say so myself!

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From the article:

Companies are finalizing their March Madness lineups in preparation for college basketball’s NCAA Tournament tip off.

Financial adviser Rob Wilson, for example, is set to unveil an online competition, March Money Madness, on March 12.

“It works just like filling out a bracket for the NCAA tournament, only instead of using 64 college basketball teams, I use 64 stocks,” said Wilson, vice president at South Side-based Blazer Capital Management. He didn’t increase the field to 68 as the NCAA did this year because of “technology limitations.”

Participants, who register on the website,, can compete with everyone who signs…
Read more: March Madness: Firms put tournament fever to work | Pittsburgh Business Times


MoneyMonday – Jeremy Lin Saves the Stock Market + Buy an iPad for $11!

21 Feb

Can Linsanity even affect the stock market?

Can you buy an iPad for $11?

Find out in this Presdient’s Day edition of MoneyMonday


MoneyMonday – Giants Win Means Buy Facebook?

7 Feb

The New York Giants win over the New England Patriots in Superbowl XLVI could be good for the stock market.

Should you get in on the Facebook IPO?

Are you ready for March Money Madness?

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Terrell Owens Upset About Financial Problems

26 Sep

If you’ve ever wondered why I do what I do, here is a good example. Even superstars with Television shows are susceptible to financial problems.

It’s important to surround yourself with individuals that have your best interest in mind. Can’t get your advisor on the phone? Fire him immediately.