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Advice for Recent Grads

5 Jul

You’ve got your degree, now what?  Here’s what to do next.


Kids and Cash Live – Financial Literacy Month

18 Apr

Theories are great, but sometimes you have to show kids how things work in real life.

Watch as I talk about how to teach kids about money, with a special highlight on the students from Urban Pathways Charter School that shadowed me for a day to learn more about money and career options.

Special thanks to the Heinz Endowments and PNC Bank for supporting the program!

Get Rich or Buy Trying

23 Dec

The holiday season doesn’t have to be all about spending.  Here are some ideas on how to give smart financial gifts for Christmas.

America’s Next Top Gold Digger

22 Dec

Nik Pace

Model Sues NFL Star for $70k per Month in Child Support

I know that 50 said “Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire,” but I don’t think he meant for it to be taken so literally.

ANTM finalist Nik Pace is suing Jets WR Braylon Edwards for $70k per month in child support for the son that she birthed in September.

In one of the most ridiculous funniest statements that I’ve heard this year, her lawyer called Edwards’ petition to be recognized as the child’s father in Atlanta rather than in New York a “cold, calculated act to pay less money.”

If it takes $70k per month to raise a child these days, I’m scheduling my vasectomy in January.

Kidz And Cash

28 Apr

Here’s how to teach your kids about money…even if you don’t have it all together yet.

…Speaking of kids and money, I couldn’t resist posting this. Keith, how about we start them this early?!!?!?!