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MoneyMonday – Top 5 Things Men Are Bad At With Money

18 Jun

Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate the things that dads do well.

But since no one is perfect, even the best dad could use a little financial advice.

Here are my top 5 things that men aren’t good at when it comes to money, and how they can do better!

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Why You Need Insurance

19 Jan

Lots of people don’t buy insurance because they don’t understand it and/or don’t know why they need it.  Well, do you think that any of these people thought that they would end up in the Hudson River when they got up that morning?

Would your spouse be able to take care of the family, send the kids to college etc., if suddenly you weren’t coming home?  You never know what is around the corner, but you can protect your loved ones should something unexpectedly happen to you by having a life insurance policy.

I’m glad this turned out for the best.