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MoneyMonday – How to Talk to Your Mate About Money

12 Feb

You’ll get a free pass on Valentine’s Day, but if you want to stay happy for the rest of the year, you’re going to have to be able to talk about money.

Here’s how to handle the three way relationship between you, your money, and your mate.


MoneyMonday – Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like a Man

16 Apr

In his book and new movie, Steve Harvey tells women that they should “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man.”

Here’s my take on the topic when it comes to your money. Most of us should Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like A Man.” Check the video to find out why!

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MoneyMonday – How To Make $1Billion in Your Underwear

17 Mar

Women have a number of unique challenges when it comes to money. Here’s how to navigate them.

Learn how Sara Blakely, the founder of shape wear company Spanx, became a Billionaire and 15 women became CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.

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Luxury For Less

25 Jun

The Sex and the City 2 movie has women everywhere going crazy over fashion, cars and exotic locations. Want to live the life of luxury like those girls without breaking the bank? Here’s how:

If you’d like your exclusive invitation to the sites mentioned in the segment, here you go!

With This Receipt I Thee Wed

20 Jun

Here you go as promised.  Here’s how to have a great wedding day without breaking the bank and starting your life in debt.

Chix and Chips

31 Mar

Ladies, this one is for you.  Women have unique challenges when it comes to money; Here’s how to deal with them.