BK Has It His Way

11 Dec

Brian Kelly's offensive innovation and

 Cincinnati Coach Brian Kelly Bolts for Notre Dame, Proves BCS is Meaningless

As if we needed any more evidence that the college football system has everything to do with cash and nothing to do with the sport, Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly leaves the school and takes the job at Notre Dame, just weeks before his UNDEFEATED, 3rd ranked team is set to play 5th ranked Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

I can understand jumping at the opportunity to take your dream job.  I can also understand bolting for the money, he has to feed his family you know.  What I don’t understand is how he could leave his team right before the biggest bowl game in its history.

Oh wait, yes I can.  The Sugar Bowl means NOTHING.  Cincinnati isn’t going to play for the national championship so the Sugar Bowl and every other non-national championship Bowl games are meaningless excuses to sell ads, beer and hotel rooms. I mean, do you remember (or care) who won the Papajohns.com Bowl last year.  Is there a  trophy for that (a giant dough roller perhaps)?  Do old guys tell their grandkids about rushing for 100 yards in the Motor City Bowl?  No.  The Bowl system in terrible.

Someone please make these Bowls into playoff games so that the post-season will mean something. Perhaps then, these student-athletes won’t have to worry about their coach being  whisked away by the highest bidder.


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