Tiger Joins the Billionaire Boys Club

30 Sep

Tiger Woods celebrates with the FedEx Cup in Atlanta

There’s good, there’s great, there’s freakin awesome…then there’s TIGER!

With his $10 million victory over the weekend in the PGA’s version of the playoffs, the FedEx Cup, the folks over at Forbes have calculated that the win put him over the billion dollar mark in career earnings.

Surely he’s popped a bottle or two over the years and spent a few of those duckets, so I’m not sure if this technically makes him a billionaire, but nevertheless, this is an AMAZING feat.  Keep in mind that he only turned pro 13 years ago.

I’m not sure that people who are not golfers or fans of golf really understand the magnitude of what Tiger is doing.  He plays a comparatively small number of tournaments, yet tops the money list every year.  He beat an entire field of the world’s best players on ONE LEG.  The list goes on… I know, he doesn’t get tackled on Sundays or dunk from the free throw line, but for the way he has totally DOMINATED his sport, he gets my vote as greatest athlete ever.  Oh, and he’ll probably play another 10 years!

This is excellence people. Yes, he’s been playing since he was two…that’s committment.  You too can be the best in the world at something!  Now stop reading this and get to work.


One Response to “Tiger Joins the Billionaire Boys Club”

  1. Gilmore23 November 4, 2009 at 5:22 am #


    Your statement Tiger and his commitment to his craft and its results is a great segway into the minds of many “young” sportsman. Expanding on that highly visible accomplishment can only add credibility or better, “believability” to your crafted audience…

    You’re the medium now dude.

    Great blog!


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