UPDATED: Vick Should Be Allowed to Play

20 Jul


UPDATED: Vick Reinstated by Goodell!

Commissioner Roger Goodell informed Vick that he may participate without delay in preseason practices, workouts, and meetings, and that he can play in his team’s final two exhibition games.

Read the full story here.

———-Original Post———————

I am not just saying this because I work with athletes, but I am having trouble understanding the argument that Michael Vick should not be reinstated into the NFL because “no job should be considered a fundamental right…”.  Huh?

Driving is a privilege.  Understood.  Although Donte Stallworth received what many consider a light sentence for DUI manslaughter, at least his driving privilege was revoked.

Working and earning a living is a right.  We enter a slippery slope when we start to imply that certain jobs are set aside only for a privileged few.  Unless you argue that Michael Vick should not be able to hold ANY JOB, you cannot logically argue (in my opinion) that he should not be given the chance to play in the NFL again.

Let me be clear…he has a right to the OPPORTUNITY to play, he does not have a right to a roster spot.  The owners will make a decision as to whether they want to retain his services.  The owners also have a right to make that decision.


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