Be Careful Who You Listen To

9 Jan

Wow, NBC really has some cohones!  They had the nerve to have MATT MILLEN on their playoff edition of Football Night in America.  For those of you that don’t know, until he was recently fired he was the GM of the Detroit Lions who just completed the WORST SEASON IN NFL HISTORY by going 0-16.  Further, just to prove that this year wasn’t a fluke, he led them to the worst 8-year record in the NFL since WWII at 31-97.

It might not be so bad if they brought him on just to make fun of him and his overall GUMPNESS as a GM.  But no….right after Dan Patrick gets Matt to say that he would have fired himself (who admits to that?) ….he asks him for analysis on how Arizona can win their game against Atlanta in a segment called…get this…The Winning Formula!  How can a guy from a WINLESS team comment on anyone’s WINNING formula? Come on people.

If that’s the case, I might as well get in on the act.  Here are my new show ideas:

“Handling High Pressure Interviews” hosted by Sarah Palin

“Trusting Your Financial Advisor” hosted by Bernie Madoff

oh, and don’t forget

“Ethics in Politics” hosted by Gov. Rod Blagojevich

You really have to be careful who you listen to.  You have to consider the source.  I am not suggesting that someone must be perfect to give advice or to do interviews, but this is just ridiculous.

So…….Who are you taking advice from?


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